Title: Golden Eagles Take Down Cougars in a Thrilling Showdown


In an exhilarating matchup at The Ponds of Brookfield, the Marquette University Golden Eagles hockey team emerged victorious against the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Cougars with a final score of 4-2. The game showcased the Golden Eagles’ exceptional teamwork, solid defense, and relentless offensive pressure. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling contest.

Golden Eagles Dominate Shots:

Right from the opening faceoff, the Golden Eagles set the tone for the game by unleashing a barrage of shots on the Cougars’ net. Throughout the game, Marquette peppered the opposition with an impressive 42 shots, demonstrating their offensive prowess and determination to secure a victory. This relentless attack kept the Cougars’ goalie, Brendan Rasch, on his toes throughout the game.

Cougars’ Resilient Defense:

Despite facing a constant onslaught from the Golden Eagles, the Cougars’ defense showcased their resilience by limiting Marquette’s scoring opportunities. Rasch, the Cougars’ netminder, stood tall between the pipes, making an impressive 38 saves on 41 shots faced. The Cougars’ defense also played a crucial role in their penalty kill, as they successfully neutralized all but one of the Golden Eagles’ eight powerplay opportunities.

Golden Eagles’ Special Teams Struggles:

While the Golden Eagles dominated in terms of shots and offensive pressure, their powerplay struggled to convert their opportunities into goals. Despite having eight powerplay chances, Marquette failed to capitalize on any of them. This area of the game will undoubtedly be a focus for improvement as the team moves forward.

Standout Performances:

Ethan Cook, wearing the number 14 jersey for the Cougars, played a pivotal role in their offensive efforts. Cook contributed two assists, showcasing his playmaking abilities and setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities. On the Golden Eagles’ side, defenseman Michael Helm, wearing number 2, made a significant impact by finding the back of the net for one of Marquette’s four goals. Helm’s goal not only boosted his team’s morale but also demonstrated his offensive capabilities from the blue line.


The Marquette University Golden Eagles showcased their determination and skill in their victory over the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Cougars. With an impressive 42 shots on goal and solid defensive play, the Golden Eagles proved their mettle on the ice. While their powerplay struggled to convert chances, the team’s overall performance was commendable. As the season progresses, the Golden Eagles will look to build on this win and continue their pursuit of success in the ACHA.